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Dr Pepper E-Liquid

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Buy Dr Pepper E-Liquid and enjoy the great taste of premium quality soft drink vapour. For a limited time only, buy 4 bottles of e-juice for £11.99, or 6 bottles for £15.99!

For those looking for a unique tasting e-juice, Dr Pepper e-liquid provides a fruity soft drink taste reminiscent of the real thing. Available in a number of nicotine strengths including 0, 12, 18 and 24mg this e-juice would suit beginner, intermediate and experienced e-cigarette user. If you’re looking for something different to vape, this could be for you.

Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink in America; founded by Charles Alderton a pharmacist who served carbonated soft drinks at the sofa fountain where he worked - he experimented with numerous fruity flavours until he found one that he liked. The original logo showed a doctor with monocle and top hat and was marketed as a brain stimulant.

When sugar was found to produce energy, the drink was shown to give people a boost during times of fatigue throughout the day. Now a global brand, Dr Pepper’s unique tasting soft drink continues to be a household name, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group now produces more than 50 beverage brands throughout America. Dr Pepper is now available in a number of flavours including zero cherry, vanilla, berries and cream to name a few.

Dr Pepper e-liquid provides a smooth and tasty full throat hit. Take advantage of our offer and choose e-liquids from a retailer you can trust. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support and speedy delivery.




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