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Ice Mint E-Liquid

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Buy Ice Mint E-Liquid and enjoy the great taste of premium quality vapour. For a limited time only, buy 4 bottles of e-juice for £11.99, or 6 bottles for £15.99!

When it comes to delivering the perfect blast of icy goodness, there is simply nothing better than Hangsen’s Ice Mint E-Liquid.

Made to provide the ultimate hit in minty freshness, this e-liquid delivers a powerful menthol rush, resulting in a refreshing vaping experience. Being a firm favourite within the vaping community this flavour will not disappoint.

You can expect a full throat hit and cool sensation; thanks to the extra minty punch this e-juice delivers. Hangsen ice mint e-liquid is available in a number of nicotine strengths including  0, 12, 18, 24mg.

This one has a good balance of PG, VG and flavourings. The high ratio of propylene glycol is slightly higher in comparison to the vegetable glycerine used. This ensures optimum flavours are delivered and prolongs the lifespan for your vaping device.All of our e-liquids have been manufactured in the appropriate proportions to ensure an optimal vaping experience.

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