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Mint Tobacco E-Liquid

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Once the cigarette industry achieved significant levels of success, enterprising company executives soon decided that the next step in maintaining a satisfied customer base involved the introduction of variety.

Various strengths of cigarettes were introduced enabling smokers to opt for nicotine concentrations that were suitable for them. Smokers who were interested in a more exciting smoking experience were introduced to menthol tobacco and thus minty flavours soon became a staple for several smokers all over the globe.

We believe that vaping is all about enjoying a variety of experiences, fusing old smoking flavours with new vapours. Our mint tobacco e-liquid is reminiscent of the menthol flavours from traditional cigarettes.

Available in a range of nicotine concentrations, this mint e-juice will not disappoint. It has good menthol tastes and rich tobacco flavours with a well balanced mix of PG and VG; Hangsen mint tobacco e-cig juice provides a light, minty goodness!

A staff and customer favourite, we have received only positive feedback on with this one; take advantage of our multi offer and receive free shipping for a limited time period. Since switching to vaping many of our customers feel healthier and more fulfilled from its nicotine hit. Enjoy an amazing throat hit with satisfying minty aftertaste Hangsen mint tobacco e-liquid will deliver a satisfying vaping experience. Shop today and enjoy a new take on this traditional flavour.