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RY5 Silver Tobacco E-Liquid

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Buy RY5 Silver Tobacco E-Liquid and enjoy the great taste of premium quality vapour. For a limited time only, buy 4 bottles of e-juice for £11.99, or 6 bottles for £15.99!

A relatively new flavour, but one which has grown quickly in popularity, the RY5 Silver Tobacco E-Liquid  has been extremely well received by fans of vaping, the RY5 Silver Tobacco E-Liquid is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to try e-cigarettes and take up the many advantages of vaping.

E-Liquid Co has an extensive choice of flavours and Hangsen e-juice on offer. RY5 Silver Tobacco E-Liquid has both rich and nutty flavours, with slightly sweet notes and hints of tobacco. The RY5 Silver Tobacco e-cig liquid ensures that you get to enjoy the best vaping experience, with great tasting flavours.

Created in accordance with existing quality guidelines, you will enjoy a flavoursome aroma along with high levels of vape cloud, just like smoking a traditional cigarette.

You can choose the strength that is right for you from 0, 12, 18, and 24mg nicotine concentrations. We suggest you start off with a slightly higher concentration of nicotine and reduce this intake over a period of time- this will help your body slowly adjust to the reduced levels of nicotine without shocking the system.

Treat yourself to the amazing RY5 Silver Tobacco e-juice today and enjoy your smoking experience without harmful toxins and health issue associated with traditional smoking. Enjoy RY5 Silver Tobacco e-juice created for more adventurous vapers in mind.