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RY6 Golden Tobacco E-Liquid

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Buy RY6 Golden Tobacco E-Liquid and enjoy the great taste of premium quality vapour. For a limited time only, buy 4 bottles of e-juice for £11.99, or 6 bottles for £15.99!

A recent introduction to the e-liquid market, RY6 Golden Tobacco caters to vapers interested in a more traditional flavour as opposed to its nuttier flavoured counterpart which was introduced with more adventurous vapers in mind.

Widely praised for being the closest thing to a real cigarette without the latter’s harmful toxins, this e cig liquid has proven a firm favourite with our customers who have given excellent feedback in regards to its dense and smoky flavour.

Unlike RYF5 Silver Tobacco, it has no sweet notes and is the perfect fit for vapers who miss the flavours of more traditional cigarettes while opting for a healthier lifestyle. Its ingredients include well balanced blend of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavouring so you will be able to enjoy an excellent throat hit and full vapour experience.

We want our customers to choose the strength that is right for them, this e-juice also comes in a range of nicotine strengths ranging from 0 mg which is completely nicotine free to 24 mg the highest level.

This flavoured e-juice is perfectly safe to use since it has been manufactured in accordance with existing EU standards and regulations. Shop  today and happy vaping.